Japan’s new competition chief Furuya likely to see eye-to-eye with Prime Minister Suga

18 September 2020 00:00

Duration: 22:09

Two recent developments in Japan are likely to have a significant impact on the country’s regulatory landscape. Firstly, the influential chairman of the Japan Fair Trade Commission, Kazuyuki Sugimoto, stepped down from his role to make way for his successor, Kazuyuki Furuya; secondly, Yoshihide Suga was appointed as Japan’s prime minister, following the abrupt resignation of Shinzo Abe. The two events are unrelated, yet the professional connection between Suga and Furuya suggests the two men are likely to be on the same page regarding key enforcement issues. Meanwhile, the UK is grappling with proposed legislation centering on state aid, which is attracting attention — and criticism — from both sides of the English Channel.

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