Regulatory news coverage of mergers and acquisitions from pre-notification through compliance

MLex mergers and acquisitions coverage breaks news and provides commentary on merger investigations, analyzing deals before they are notified to antitrust authorities and identifying potential regulatory hurdles and investigations, through to notification, review, approval and compliance.

We provide all the latest case information on M&A filings and clearance, as well as proprietary data on the most active law firms, lawyers, judges and regulators.

MLex offers the latest news on mergers and acquisitions read by leading law firms and regulators, consulting economic advisors, asset managers and hedge funds.

MLex® Mergers & Acquisitions

Regulatory scrutiny of merger and acquisition deals is intensifying and becoming an increased risk for successful deal-making globally. Competition authorities use their extensive investigative powers to gather vast amounts of data and forensically analyze markets. At the same time, governments worldwide are seeking to strengthen their powers to intervene in transactions involving foreign acquisitions. With MLex’s real-time intelligence and analysis on mergers that require regulatory clearance, you can keep track of key regulatory-review processes around the globe.

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