Real-time insight into the highly regulated sectors of financial services, technology, media, telecom and energy

MLex® Financial Services

Our financial services news coverage in the US and EU includes national and international regulatory and legislative developments—identifying threats and opportunities in the oversight of derivatives, trading and securities, investment and retail banking, asset management, payment services and credit rating agencies. Developments we cover include Basel III progress, changes to the Dodd-Frank Act, Brexit impact on finance, fintech regulation, bank resolution and structural changes, evolving insurance standards, and new rules for capital markets and structured finance.

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MLex® Tech & Telco

Our tech & telco news covers legal and regulatory developments that impact new and established technologies, including artificial intelligence, connected vehicles and the deployment of 5G networks.  We focus on everything from market rules for former European monopolies in telecom to the established and upstart Internet, digital advertising, mobile web, search and social media firms of Silicon Valley and beyond. Our coverage of these sectors includes internet platform regulations, global connectivity regulation (net neutrality), media rights regulation (copyright and distribution) and approvals of national market definitions and pricing regulation plans.

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MLex® Energy

Our energy coverage includes all types of energy and environment news within the EU —reporting on policies to tackle climate change and the move towards a sustainable economy. We monitor energy and environmental policies from the pre-proposal stage, through negotiations, approval and any legal challenges; reporting on how energy regulation will affect companies, governments and consumer prices. Our coverage includes the EU Green deal, circular economy policy, EU energy efficiency targets, renewables policy, carbon pricing, etc.

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