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While the world economy is increasingly integrated, the enforcement of antitrust laws continues to vary significantly across jurisdictions. At the same time, the nature of the global economy is changing rapidly, with antitrust laws constantly adapting to new market dynamics.

As the leading provider of specialist news and in-depth analysis on Antitrust & Competition, MLex ensures you’re optimally placed to understand, manage and mitigate risk for your organization and clients across the globe. With a team of reporters close to trusted sources in the world’s key regulatory centers, MLex gives you the inside track on how business will be impacted, often before the information is made public.

Read by leading law firms, regulators, governments, investors and consultancies, our coverage includes the latest on antitrust policy changes, cartel investigations and probes into dominant companies, court hearings and enforcement trends, as well as exclusive interviews with regulators and access to official source documents.

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