Stay on top of the tech and energy revolutions affecting the transport sector

With vehicles as the next connected device, and growing momentum behind promoting cleaner energies and electric charging, key stakeholders in transport and related industries are navigating new risks, as well as new opportunities.

MLex is the premium provider of investigative reporting and forward-looking analysis on the major regulatory trends shaping the future of Mobility, including digital transformation and the fuel revolution. Our real-time coverage of regulation concerning connected cars, autonomous driving, electric vehicles and a plethora of inter-connected topics (including privacy, data sharing and AI) enables you to keep track of all significant developments with the potential to impact your business or clients.

With longstanding expertise in emerging regulatory risk and a specialist Future Mobility team supported by an extensive network of journalists across the globe, MLex is the only choice to stay ahead of the curve as regulation, litigation and enforcement in this area all proliferate.

Our Future Mobility coverage is read by companies interested and invested in the transport revolution (including carmakers, automotive component suppliers, tech companies, device makers, IP holders, infrastructure and service providers, and logistics companies), as well as leading law firms and consultancies, regulators, government bodies and trade associations.

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