A high-level fallout in the US FTC prompts debate about partisan divisions; and COP26 explained

19 November 2021 00:00

Duration: 30:39

The Biden administration’s appointment of Lina Khan as chair of the US Federal Trade Commission — an advocate of the New Brandeisian school of antitrust — has sparked an unprecedented level of animosity within the agency. One commissioner has described the FTC’s new direction as “appalling and gut-wrenching” — an attack some observers say was unprecedented in the regulator’s recent history. The high-profile clash raises the question of whether the agency’s new chair, Lina Khan, is forcefully pursuing the Biden administration’s antitrust agenda, or is deliberately undermining the FTC’s tradition of bipartisan cooperation. Also on the podcast: Everything you ever wanted to know about the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 but were too afraid to ask.

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