What Musk’s Twitter vision means for international regulation; and South Korea’s privacy tsar

29 April 2022 00:00

Duration: 23:19

Elon Musk’s 44-billion-US-dollar bid for social-media platform Twitter has fired up a conversation about freedom of speech, with the flamboyant Tesla boss saying the platform should be politically neutral to allow conversations to flourish. But why unbridled freedom of expression may resonate in the United States, Musk may yet have to temper his laissez-faire ambition when faced with a global mosaic of content-moderation rules — with the European Union’s brand-new regulation just one of the obstacles facing Twitter-unchained. Also on today’s podcast: South Korea’s seismic changes to its privacy legislation and how future tweaks could affect the role — and the powers — of the country’s top privacy official, Yoon Jong-in.

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