The politics of classifying nuclear power in the EU; and 10 years of UK Bribery Act

09 July 2021 00:00

Duration: 19:42

The green credentials of nuclear power have come under recent scrutiny in the European Union, as the bloc ponders whether to label as environmentally friendly investment in the industry. The argument of what’s referred to as the taxonomy of nuclear energy is pitting scientist against scientist and, more importantly, the pro-nuclear energy France against the nuclear skeptic Germany. Yet the impasse over how to classify the investment status of nuclear may suit the European Commission, as it navigates its way through a politically charged scientific debate. Also on today’s podcast, we take a look at the 10-year anniversary of the UK Bribery Act. The legislation is being regarded as a qualified success that has provided a strong deterrent against corporate wrongdoing. However, the low number of criminal convictions means that corrupt top executives won’t be losing much sleep.

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