US prosecutions on criminal antitrust offenses come at a high cost for foreign offenders

24 July 2020 00:00

Duration: 22:42

The harshness of the penalties faced by three foreigners who have faced jailed time in the United States over criminal-antitrust offenses is being read as a cautionary tale for anyone, anywhere in the world, who has violated US cartel laws. The offenses may amount to white-collar crime, but the unforgiving prison regime faced by those who have been convicted, along with the readiness of US authorities to extradite those accused from third countries, is a reminder that even senior managers of wealthy companies can’t expect leniency from the Department of Justice. As MLex’s reporting has revealed, this unforgiving regime may work as a deterrent, but the three foreigners nabbed by the long arm of US justice have paid a very high price.

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