Global antitrust issues face scrutiny at ABA conference in the US

03 April 2023 00:00

Duration: 11:57

For antitrust enforcers wanting to get a message out to the world, the American Bar Association’s Antitrust Spring Meeting is a time to shine. This year was no exception — in fact, with Covid-related travel restrictions now a thing of the past, attendance at the Washington DC even was up. US federal and state enforcers were there to remind the antitrust community that they’re nobody’s concierge — with both civil and criminal enforcement now on the cards. Senior European regulators were also out in force at the ABA, with discussion about the UK’s merger reviews and the European Commission’s decision to examine its policy framework on how it applies dominance rules. MLex’s reporters were at the event, keeping an eye out for the trends and an ear to the ground for all of the latest antitrust gossip.

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