US Antitrust Competition Cocktail

12 Sep 2019 12:00 am

US Antitrust Competition Cocktail ReportLearn more about the Big Tech pushback, why antitrust law has to come in different flavors, and other insights from the George Washington, Georgetown and Fordham autumn conferences.

This MLex special report covers how all of these developments coalesced into a week chockful of conversation and debate about the future of competition in the US, EU and elsewhere, particularly in regards to the Big Tech giants and digital markets. Worldwide, competition authorities know something is wrong with the current economic climate where a handful of companies have come to dominate search, advertising, social networking, online retail and other major industries. What they don’t know yet, officials acknowledged, is how much competition law on its own can do versus other types of regulation.

What we need is likely a cocktail, senior EU antitrust official Cecilio Madero Villarejo told an audience at Georgetown Law School. The question is “how to mix the ingredients of enforcement of antitrust rules and potential regulation.” Different jurisdictions may end up with different martinis.

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