Sia Aik Kor Interview Report

01 Dec 2020 12:00 am

Sia Aik Kor InterviewThis MLex special report features an exclusive interview with Sia Aik Kor, head of the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore, who recalls her role helping to found the authority and discusses its regulatory priorities, ambitions to boost cooperation in Southeast Asia, and its vigilance against tech abuses and the impact of Covid-19.

Sia Aik Kor blames “serendipity” for her journey from a Harvard law degree to becoming Singapore’s top competition regulator, but also tellingly calls it the result of a “love affair” with antitrust law.

It is no surprise, therefore, that in a recent exclusive interview with MLex her passion and clarity of thought shone through, both in her recollection of how she helped to found what is now the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore and in detailing her agency’s philosophy and priorities.

Among her priorities are enabling the CCCS to be able to share its thinking on more complex issues involving digital markets with its counterparts in Southeast Asia. Beyond the region, too, she was even looking forward to hosting a meeting in Singapore among top-level East Asian antitrust officials, before the Covid-19 pandemic derailed those plans.

She discusses these topics and more in her wide-ranging interview with MLex, and this special report lays out clearly the regulator’s areas of focus and approach to give a flavor of what to expect from the CCCS in coming years.

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