Competition Concerns in the Time of Covid-19 Report

09 Sep 2020 12:00 am

Competition Concerns in the Time of Covid-19 ReportThe pandemic forced countries worldwide to rejig antitrust, M&A and state subsidy policies. What has been the effect, and where are the new rules likely to endure?

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a patchwork of emergency efforts by governments around the world to protect consumers, help companies survive and keep industries afloat, while safeguarding against market distortion or concentration, unfair subsidies and exploitative acquisitions.

But what happens now? In some jurisdictions, changes have represented an accelerated version of reforms already in the pipeline; in others, regulators have been criticized for not easing up enough on suffering businesses; yet more have experimented with ad hoc changes that they must now choose to unwind, adapt or make permanent.

This special report surveys the responses of key jurisdictions — from the EU and major European nations to the US, China, Japan, India, Australia and across the rest of Asia — and looks at the trends and divergences emerging that will have repercussions for businesses and regulators for years to come.

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