Intel’s epic antitrust clash hits a new milestone; and Autonomy loses Hewlett-Packard fraud case

04 February 2022 00:00

Duration: 17:51

Intel’s 13-year legal battle against a 1.06 billion euro antitrust fine imposed by the European Commission has hit a significant milestone, with an EU court ruling in the chipmaker’s favor. It was a significant defeat for the European regulator, which had argued that Intel’s chip rebates were anticompetitive. But this doesn’t mean that the clash is over: the Commission may yet appeal the decision in a last-ditch attempt to avoid repaying the fine — plus interest. Also on today’s podcast: Hewlett-Packard wins a multi-billion dollar fraud claim against the founder of software provider Autonomy. But the legal battle for Mike Lynch to avoid extradition to the United States is continuing.

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