Public attorney, economist recommended for CADE Tribunal positions by Brazil Ministry of Justice

02 April 2019 00:00

The Brazilian Ministry of Justice has recommended public attorney Vinicius Klein and economics professor Leonardo Bandeira Rezende to fill two of the councilor vacancies upcoming this year at Brazil's competition authority.

The ministry recommended that President Jair Messias Bolsonaro appoint the two to four-year terms as councilors on the Tribunal of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense, or CADE, according to documents seen by MLex.

Bolsonaro doesn’t have to follow the ministry's guidance, but he pledged during his presidential campaign not to interfere in decisions of his Justice minister. Former federal Judge Sérgio Fernando Moro holds that position in his administration.

Bolsonaro, who received the recommendation on March 15, will disclose his decision formally through the country’s Official Journal. His choices will then be interviewed by the Senate's Economic Affairs Committee, which would recommend the names for a confirmation vote by the full Senate.

CADE’s Tribunal will undergo significant changes this year. The terms of three councilors — Polyanna Ferreira da Silva Vilanova, Paulo Burnier da Silveira, and João Paulo de Resende — set to expire in July. The term of a fourth councilor — Cristiane Alkmin Junqueira Schmidt, who left CADE in January to become the finance secretary of Goiás state — will expire in August; her seat is currently vacant.

The Tribunal currently has six members. At least four councilors must be in office in order for the Tribunal to conduct decision-making sessions.

Klein is a public prosecutor for Paraná state and also a professor in the law and economics department of the Federal University of Paraná.

Rezende received his doctorate in economics from Stanford University in 2003 and is a professor of the Rio de Janeiro Pontifical Catholic University.

The Ministry of Justice told MLex it recommended Klein and Rezende based on their professional qualifications, “which are in line with the competencies required for the position of CADE councilors.”

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