Prepare for a new and evolving regulatory framework by following data privacy and protection regulation news as it happens

Data, privacy and cybersecurity represent a new major front in regulation, enforcement and compliance. MLex has been at the forefront of covering this emerging area of risk for years through its regulatory news coverage of the latest data privacy and protection developments in the tech sector, GDPR and CCPA.

MLex has a dedicated, global team focused on reporting regulatory news updates on data, privacy and security issues facing companies across industries. Regulators and lawmakers in many jurisdictions are still creating the legal framework to police such matters. Regulators, agencies and courts are starting to find their feet in these new areas of regulation and enforcement, which is shaping how companies develop compliance efforts in response.

MLex covers the whole data privacy and data protection process, from the germ of a new rule or law, through to its adoption, implementation and enforcement.

What was once an area of almost exclusive interest to the tech and internet industries has now become a general regulatory risk hanging over any company handling personal and other sensitive data.

MLex Data Privacy & Security for Corporations

Stay informed of global regulatory changes and mitigate risks affecting your clients, with MLex real-time coverage and expert analysis. As a one-stop-shop for news, insightful commentary and source documents, you can position your firm as indispensable to clients as they navigate the constantly evolving data privacy & security laws and regulations across the globe.

MLex Data Privacy & Security for Law Firms

MLex breaks exclusive stories on how laws and enforcement actions, along with expert insight into how regulatory risk will impact business. With a solid understanding of regulators’ expectations and actions, you can offer clients invaluable knowledge on how to remain compliant—and competitive. You can also act quickly when a client—or prospective client—becomes entangled in a probe.

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