MLex’s journalists, editors, lawyers and researchers are located in the world’s key regulatory centres, covering all aspects of antitrust, price-fixing investigations, damages lawsuits and new laws on the most heavily regulated industries, including Financial Services, Telecom, Media & Technology, Transport & Logistics, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Energy & Climate and Trade & Investment.

In monitoring the activities of governments, agencies and courts, we are always on the lookout for the impact of the proposals, decisions and rulings on business.

Antitrust & Competition

The market defining service in Regulatory Risk covering global antitrust & competition, including price fixing, monopolistic behavior and state subsidies, as well as damages lawsuits against companies accused of breaching antitrust law.


Anti-Bribery and Corruption

MLex provides insight, commentary and analysis on ‘white collar crime’. We report on fraud, bribery and corruption cases with forensic coverage of international and cross-jurisdictional investigations.



Our  subscriber-only coverage of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union is resolutely focused on the regulatory risks and opportunities of Brexit, and what this means for business.

Digital Risk

Our unrivaled team covers regulatory enforcement in the tech sector by public agencies, and the resulting private class-action litigation, as well as national and regional legislative intellectual property reform efforts, and the conflicts between global regulatory regimes.


Energy & Climate Change

We provide real-time insight into regulation and litigation around all types of energy sources, plus moves by EU and European institutions, and the impact of their decisions on companies, governments and consumer prices.


Financial Services

Our journalists are immaculately placed to provide real-time insight into regulatory initiatives and developments affecting all aspects of financial services from trading & securities to credit rating agencies, and their impact on your business.


We are the leading provider of insight into merger investigations in jurisdictions around the world, tracking all the major regulators and analyzing deals before they are notified to antitrust authorities.

Telecoms & Media

Our Telecoms & Media industry analysis comprises insight into regulatory risk that affects major telecom operators, from market rules, to privacy and copyright, as well as antitrust, M&A, and state subsidies.


We are the premier information service assessing the risk arising from global trade disputes, measures, deals, and law changes, together with their impact on international commerce.


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