Nokia Case Study

8 May 2017 2:38pm

Staying One Step Ahead

The Nokia brand is recognised around the world. With its origins in Finland in the 19th century, the company is a major player in mobile networks, communications and information technology. Today Nokia employs more than 60,000 people and has annual revenues of over 12 billion Euros.

Communications and technology is one of the most competitive, rapidly changing and highly regulated sectors in the world and trading in 150 countries makes it essential for Nokia to keep pace with changes and events that could impact their business.

Managing Risk

Maria Troberg, Senior Legal Counsel, Competition Law, who is among 190 lawyers at Nokia, explains: "The law affecting our company is complex and often fast-evolving. We are constantly dealing with multiple issues, such as legal guidelines changing and new regulations coming into force."

"It is important to stay up-to-date and informed, so that we can alert our business teams to any changes that affect their business. By being knowledgeable about what's happening in the world we can also reduce the company's exposure to risk."

For that reason Nokia's legal and regulatory teams made the decision to take an enterprise licence with MLex, an independent media organisation providing market insight, analysis and commentary on regulatory risk across all sectors of industry.

Maria finds this very valuable: "MLex provides quality coverage that I know I can rely on and is often my first source of breaking news. It's a service I have recommended to other legal colleagues because of its wider coverage and more up-to-date coverage of key issues."

The Global Challenge

MLex's coverage spans the world's foremost regulators in the US, Asia, Europe and Latin America. With a proven track record of uncovering developments ahead of other news outlets, in multiple markets across the globe.

Maria, who is based at Nokia's headquarters in Espoo, Finland, uses the daily updates that are a feature of the service: "I especially like the news feed from MLex, which gives me an overview of what's going on in my field of law throughout the world.

"I immediately have an understanding of the burning issues of the day, without wasting time. It's a really valuable resource, which comes straight to my e-mail every day, and has become part of my routine even if I'm on the move. The news is always relevant and keeps me up-to-date."

"If I need extra information I can click directly from the headline alerts to my MLex account where I can find more detailed and deeper analysis," adds Maria.

Monitoring Regulatory Change

Situated in Brussels, the regulatory centre of Europe, Julia Jasinska, Head of Trade Policy and Regulatory Affairs uses MLex to keep a close eye on the multiple activities, debates and trends affecting the Nokia business.

MLex's unrivalled team of experienced and expert professionals are dedicated to investigative and forensic coverage of cases working their way through the decision-making bodies and regulatory agencies throughout the world.

"MLex is an invaluable monitoring and analytica tool," says Julia. "The information I receive is useful and relevant. I have tried other systems but MLex is more reliable and provides more detail."

She highlights recent impressive reporting on the Telecoms Single Market, which involves an EU overhaul of mobile phone charges including an end of roaming charges, and around a consultation on the quality and availability of internet services in Europe. Both issues will go to the heart of Nokia's business.

Julia adds: "On many topics I think MLex is the most encompassing system on the market. I can follow the progress of legislation and, in some cases, know what's happening before official decisions are taken and feed back to the company."

"MLex enables me to stay one step ahead."