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MLex is the leading independent news provider of global insight, analysis and commentary on regulatory policies and risk. Our experienced journalists, lawyers and analysts are the first to deliver investigative and forensic coverage of cases working their way through decision-making bodies and regulatory agencies around the world. News on antitrust is reported in real-time by MLex from our experts across the globe. In addition to news alerts, MLex offers a searchable database of historical articles and portfolios to help you protect against and advise on regulatory risk.

-   Advise clients or stakeholders of regulatory risks and related probes - as soon as they arise

-   Predict enforcement and impact of global regulations

-   Detect litigation threats and create winning legal strategies

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Protect your clients or business from regulatory risk with commentary and analysis that is forward-looking and comprehensive across jurisdictions. Read by leading law firms, regulators, government officials, investors and advisors, MLex delivers global insight to save you valuable time and money.

Our deep relationships with the FTC, CMA, DOJ and other antitrust regulators across the globe means you can rely on MLex for timely and accurate antitrust regulation and case updates.

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