Truck Cartel Special Report

Damage Limitation: Trucks and Cartel Claims

An MLex Special Report

October 2018

We’ve followed the truck cartels since regulators got their first sniff; tracking claims against the likes of Daimler, Volvo and Iveco.

Consume the content as it takes you through the twists and turns of tracing investigations through 6 different countries…

  1. Hungary,
  2. Ireland,
  3. Spain,
  4. the Netherlands,
  5. Germany and the UK

…and read more from Trucks-cartel litigation may fashion EU guidance on forum shopping:

“The EU judges’ guidance, which could take over a year to appear, will not only give clarity to the thousands of truck buyers considering litigation, but it will be of broader interest as damages litigation becomes the norm in more and more countries across the bloc.” Page 6.

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