Following the Money

An MLex special report that highlights the scope of our insight into the US and European financial services regulatory landscape with a selection of articles from recent months of exclusive news and commentary.

March 2020

The sharpest memories of the 2008 financial crisis may be fading, but financial regulation continues apace and draws intense interest from governments, industry and investors. MLex has a leading role in real-time reporting of exclusive stories that give our readers insight into what’s to come on the policymaking stage.

Our specialty is international coverage as the banking and derivatives markets become increasingly globalized and industry becomes more interconnected.

Regulatory gaps continue to vex those authorities mindful of how quickly a lit match ignited the financial system a decade ago, and our coverage includes established trends including national implementation of post-crisis standard-setting in Basel III and global efforts to coordinate resolution of ailing large banks and derivative clearinghouses.

Alongside this are newer issues that have sounded alarm bells among regulators and industry such as cybersecurity, the transition from Libor benchmarks, the impact of global warming on banks and financial firms, and Big Tech’s attempted incursions into finance.

This report aims to bring a flavor of the scope of MLex’s insight into the financial services landscape with a selection of articles from recent months of exclusive news and commentary.

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