Biden's Trade Horizon Report

This MLex special report focuses on trade in a post-Trump world. When he becomes US president, Joe Biden will bring many starkly new policies, but also may find his hands tied on others. Questions loom large over trade relations with the EU, UK and China, and climate concerns will increasingly be a factor.

December 2020

Donald Trump and Joe Biden offered starkly contrasting visions for a US president, given the gulf between them both in politics and character. Less well understood, though, are the detailed differences — and similarities — in their policy making and global relations.

Trade is a signal area of difference, and in the wake of Biden’s victory, MLex looked to cut through the noise of high-level politics to see where there is clarity in law.

In our latest MLex special report, we highlight our recent coverage of the implications of the incoming Biden administration for trans-Atlantic and global trade policy and defense measures.

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