Demand letters aside, GDPR avoids early drama

25 June 2018 10:36am
Nearly a month after the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation took effect, perhaps its biggest early controversy has been its collision with the German legal quirk of cease-and-desist letters, which allow companies to threaten their competitors with fines for non-compliance with regulations.

There have been other scuffles around the GDPR, intended to protect the personal data of EU consumers; the most prominent is an ongoing dispute in the German courts over whether the Internet’s global “Whois” address book is compliant.

But for the most part, the relative calm since the law took effect on May 25 suggests that the anxiety surrounding the sweeping new rules was overblown. Perhaps the biggest unanticipated effect, say its proponents, is the emergence of humorous GDPR-themed Spotify playlists that include tunes such as New Order’s “Age of Consent.”

By Cynthia Kroet and Mike Swift.