California lawmakers propose new consumer privacy rules hoping to avoid showdown in November

25 June 2018 10:45am
Proponents of a sweeping Internet privacy initiative headed for the November ballot in California have reached a deal with state lawmakers to introduce similar legislation that would also let consumers block the sale of their personal information.

State Senator Bob Hertzberg and Assemblymember Ed Chau, both Democrats, have agreed to introduce a bill that would let consumers opt out of data collection — one week before the deadline to pull the initiative off the ballot.

Senator Bill Dodd, a Democrat who’s been working on his own data breach legislation, also has worked on the bill.“The idea that a person should have some say about how their personal information can be used, shared or sold is not a controversial question for everyday consumers — it is common sense,” said Chau, who chairs the State Assembly's Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection. “The agreement reached with the initiative proponents to move forward with a legislative solution is a significant step in providing California consumers more control over their data.”

By Amy Miller.