Ireland says 'no point' in UK's plans to join single market for goods

5 July 2018 8:52am
Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar told his UK counterpart Theresa May there would be "no point" making proposals to keep the UK in the EU’s single market only for goods, because it risks setting a precedent that would “destroy” the bloc.

May told Varadkar during a meeting in Brussels on Thursday that a policy paper to be published on July 9 would “form the basis of a negotiation of a final status treaty.”

But the Irish leader today said that attempting to “cherry pick” trade in goods from the EU’s internal market was off the table. In previous speeches, May has said she wants to stay in the EU’s market for chemicals, drugs, and the aerospace and automotive industries.

By Michael Acton, Zosia Wanat, Matthew Holehouse, Lewis Crofts