The Year in Antitrust and Privacy: AT&T, Equifax and Net Neutrality


Date: 20 December 2017. Duration: 22:44

MLex’s chief correspondents Leah Nylen and Mike Swift wrap-up 2017’s biggest stories in US antitrust, privacy and data security, with outlooks for what to expect in the new year.

For more insight on the year in antitrust:

Justice Department announces suit against AT&T deal; AT&T vows to figh (20 November 2017)

Trump nomination maneuvering guarantees 2-1 Republican majority at FTC (19 October 2017)

American Express' fight over merchant rules could have far-reaching implications (19 October 2017)

For more insight on the year in privacy and data security:

Antitrust will be key enforcement tool in Republican FCC 'net neutrality' plan, but will it work? (21 November 2017)

Equifax breach will spark regulatory scrutiny of credit reporting industry (8 September 2017)

Anthem settlement signals risk for Yahoo, other data breach targets (25 August 2017)


Leah Nylen

Chief Global Antitrust Correspondent