Google fights landmark UK ‘right to be forgotten’ lawsuits


Date: 22 March 2018. Duration: 8:11

Does UK data-protection law mean Google should be forced to block historical search results when requested to do so? That was the core question as the first cases to test the “right to be forgotten” principle were heard in the British courts recently as two unidentified businessmen laid out their case for the search company to be ordered to remove links to reports about their old convictions. The issue has become a hot topic since the right to be forgotten principle was cemented in a landmark EU court ruling in 2014; it has also been strengthened in new privacy rules entering force in May. With a ruling from the London court expected as early as the end of March, Vesela Gladicheva, Senior Technology Correspondent, talks over the case and its implications with Ana Rita Rego, Managing Editor in London.

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