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16 February 2018

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5 February 2018

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4 January 2018

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21 December 2017

The Year in Antitrust and Privacy: AT&T, Equifax and Net Neutrality

20 December 2017

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6 December 2017

Waymo Uber trade secret trial delayed, again

5 December 2017

Reversal of fortune: A worldwide win for innovators as patent policy pendulum swings back in their favor

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US sides squarely with owners of technology standards in patent licensing negotiations

29 November 2017

SBM Offshore’s struggle to settle global corruption probes

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‘Modern slavery’ debate plagues soccer industry

21 November 2017

The Gupta leaks go global

3 November 2017

Technology's financial frontier - blockchain, Bitcoin and the future of banking

1 November 2017

US Congress kills pro-consumer arbitration rule, setting stage to block payday lending rule

31 October 2017

Watch repairers left to ponder next move in fight against Swiss giants

25 October 2017

US ramps up penalties in fight against illegal 'no poach' agreements

12 October 2017

EU e-bike dumping probe could worsen trade tensions between Europe and China

2 October 2017

The privacy debate goes global - rights, risks and regulation in an interconnected age

2 October 2017

Brexit negotiations continue in the shadow of May's Florence speech

28 September 2017

The Equifax Data Breach

25 September 2017

Brazil, White-Collar Crime and Petrobras

19 September 2017

The Intel antitrust decision and the EU

8 September 2017

Private colleges seek antitrust carve-out for cost-related woes

31 August 2017

Brexit: UK-EU talks at a crossroads

30 August 2017

The City of London Prepares for Brexit

30 August 2017

Privacy & Data Security in the USA: Spokeo & Yahoo

25 August 2017

What do the SFO's latest probes say about the prosecutor's state of mind?

15 August 2017

Democrats on Trade: A Better Deal?

10 August 2017

Apple, Qualcomm and the value of connectivity

9 August 2017

Malaysia Submarine Scandal

8 August 2017

Inversion Deals, M&A and Tax Under Trump

8 August 2017

REMS and restricted generic access

2 August 2017

Outlook for Trump financial deregulation agenda

1 August 2017

Luxury goods, online marketplaces & a heated antitrust debate

1 August 2017

Diesel scandal reaches fever pitch

28 July 2017

Pressure valve – the coming shakeup in Japan's LNG market

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An early impasse for the Brexit negotiations

27 July 2017

Setting the price of Chinese solar panels in the EU

24 July 2017

The EU's zombie bank problem

20 July 2017

Inflight WiFi and regulatory questions in the EU

12 July 2017

New KFTC chief looks to lawmakers to support chaebol reform as he sets out agenda

30 June 2017

France, Germany lead EU ministers to energy-savings deal

26 June 2017

Net Neutrality: An Early Battleground for the Trump Administration

21 June 2017

Japan's Big Data Challenge

19 June 2017

New EU mobile regime pits roamers against stay-at-homers, prompting more change

16 June 2017

The US decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement

2 June 2017

China's Cybersecurity Law, critical information infrastructure and cross-border data transfers

26 May 2017

US Antitrust & Merger Regulation Under President Trump

18 May 2017

The 1MDB Money Laundering Investigation

12 May 2017

Anti-Bribery & Corruption Developments in China

2 May 2017

Alleged bribery at Indonesia's MAXpower

27 April 2017

Vestager's 'fairness' mantra rattles through EU competition law

23 March 2017

ECB looks beyond capital in urging banks to cut costs, merge

20 March 2017

'End' of EU mobile roaming marks the start of implementation headaches

14 March 2017

China lodges WTO complaint against EU, US over market-economy rules

28 February 2017

China rises from ashes of US climate-policy uncertainty

31 January 2017

Trump's plans to abandon UN climate deal puts EU projects in doubt

18 January 2017