Hong Kong telecoms agency says ‘no truth’ to report of iPhone 7 antitrust study

First published by MLex 9 November 2016. By Yonnex Li 

Hong Kong’s Communications Authority today denied that it is studying whether Apple’s pricing of its latest smartphone — the iPhone 7 — constitutes anticompetitive conduct.

The regulator “confirmed that there is no truth” to an earlier media report claiming that the study was being carried out, a spokeswoman said in an e-mailed response to an enquiry by MLex.

Last week, regulatory news service PaRR reported that the watchdog was looking into whether Apple’s pricing of the iPhone 7 amounted to anticompetitive conduct, citing an unidentified source apparently briefed on the matter.

The report did not elaborate on the details of the alleged conduct, nor on other details of the claimed study.

The regulator also denied a claim in the same report that the Apple study was one of five antitrust matters that the authority was scrutinizing, according to the spokeswoman.

The Communications Authority regulates competition matters in Hong Kong’s telecoms industry.

	Eliot Gao

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