Apple CEO to call for US-wide data-privacy law

23 October 2018 4:13pm

23 October 2018. By Cynthia Kroet.

Apple’s chief executive will call for a “comprehensive federal privacy law” in the US in a speech tomorrow at the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners.

According to extracts from his keynote speech, seen by MLex, Tim Cook will describe new EU-wide personal data-protection rules as an example of “how good policy and political will can come together to protect the rights of us all.”

Cook is the first tech CEO to serve as the keynote speaker for the international gathering of privacy regulators, which comes five months after the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation in May.

He will also stress the importance of users’ trust and confidence in technology and will focus on its ethical groundwork. "We [at Apple] are optimistic about technology’s awesome potential for good. But we know that it won’t happen on its own," he is due to say. "Every day, we work to infuse the devices we make with the humanity that makes us.”

In line with EU data-protection rules, Apple has made efforts to minimize the collection of customer data for its services and has added safeguards that are aimed at putting the user in control of his or her data.

MLex wrote earlier this month that Cook is likely to sharply differentiate Apple’s business model from those of other companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, which rely on monetizing personal data.

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