Hedge-fund reporting requirements should be scaled back, pair of US regulators say

15 February 2019 10:24pm
Fewer hedge funds should have to report portfolio information as part of systemic risk monitoring, a pair of Republican members of the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission said.

The CFTC’s Brian Quintenz and the SEC’s Hester Peirce this week called for the $1.5 billion asset filing threshold established after the financial crisis to be raised.

“I don’t see a situation where a $1.5 billion fund is going to bring down the financial system,” Quintenz said at an event* in Washington.

The cutoff should be “multiple times higher than what we’ve agreed to,” he said.

CFTC staff is reviewing potential changes to the thresholds for commodity pool operators, including some hedge funds, a spokesperson said.