Data centers in China, India prone to high cloud-security risks, says industry body

17 May 2018 4:24pm
Countries such as China and India need to work harder to make themselves safer places for data centers, according to a report* released by the Asia Cloud Computing Association, or ACCA..

Almost half of the 14 Asian nations assessed by the ACCA ranked below average in the category of data-security risk, with these two Asian juggernauts being identified as high-risk areas. The report looked at cloud readiness in different countries based on various metrics.

More mature jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand stood out as the safest places for data centers, which are a key factor for mass adoption of the emerging cloud technology.

Data-center risks and cybersecurity issues are among the primary concerns for companies, notably major financial institutions, that are looking to outsource part of their data to third-party service providers such as Amazon and Microsoft.