Stay up to date with our activist investment coverage

Our Activist coverage seeks to put some of the world’s most significant activist situations into perspective, allowing investors to put breaking news on activist shareholdings into context and inform their decision-making.

Our journalists on the ground will join the dots on latest developments, providing background and insight on investor profiles and possible intent.

Read by leading law firms and regulators, consulting economic advisors and hedge funds.

Key areas of focus

Our coverage focuses on a core list of known activist investors, tracking their shareholdings and their strategies, in particular through close monitoring of regulatory filings. We seek to provide instant context and insight on breaking news, as well as more in-depth forward-looking analysis. This is achieved through research on investor track record as well as good old-fashioned journalistic sourcing and reporting from those in the know.

We also seek to identify possible 'wolf-pack' behavior or other signs of emerging consensus among shareholders.

And we will complement our existing strength in M&A coverage to provide insight and analysis on any accompanying activist involvement in major deals.

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