MLex Benchmarks Report

The MLex Benchmarks Report is an in-depth analysis of the issues surrounding benchmarks. It examines topics including the regulatory approaches in different jurisdictions, the market’s hope for idiosyncratic policies and what is next, when concerns over the integrity of the benchmarks are still at an all-time high.

Issues covered:

  • Could the EU be the model for other jurisdictions?
  • The need to avoid cross-border fights by overly rigid regional regulations
  • The future of financial benchmarks and the need for the industry to take action
  • Profile of the men and women leading the debate in UK, US and EU
  • Comprehensive data on the largest benchmark cases across three continents

This report delivers incisive analysis and commentary on the issues that matter; drawing on the exclusive MLex content and data sets with contributions from:

  • Cora Van Nieuwenhuizen, MEP, European Parliament
  • Julie Winkler, Senior Managing Director, Research and Product Development and Index Services, CME Group
  • Martin Wheatley, Chief Executive, Financial Conduct Authority
  • Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck, Editor-at-Large, MLex

Essential reading for leading decision makers working in the financial industry.


MLex Benchmarks Report 2015 Version 2

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